Expedited Services

Expedited visa services for member and non-member companies wishing to obtain a visa to the Kingdom. 100% of commercial applications are processed within 2 business days from start to finish*. We personally deliver your application to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia located in New Delhi on your behalf and ensure that your visa application is processed in a timely manner.

Complimentary Consulting

Throughout the visa facilitation process, the Business Council offers complimentary consulting via email, phone, or in-person appointments. With step-by-step assistance at no additional cost, we are able to provide our clients ease of mind that visas will be processed accurately and received in a timely fashion.

Specialized Focus

Unlike the other certified agents authorized by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, which process visas on behalf of Indian companies travelling to countries across the world, the ISABC only assists companies interested in traveling to Saudi Arabia.

Document Ratification

The U.S.-Saudi Business Council offers corporate document ratification and certification services to all member and non-member companies. These all-inclusive services include:
  • Document notarization by a local notary public
  • Document apostille by a local state or county clerk
  • Document authentication by the Indian Embassy
  • Enjaz fee payment
  • Document certification by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Corporate documents include power of attorney, company agreement, employment contracts, translation of birth or marriage certificate, etc.

To get a document certified or for more information, please contact S. Vendatraman at svenka@indiasaudi.org.

Member Visa Services

We offer exclusive members-only visa facilitation services. In addition to processing your visa, the Council is the only company authorized by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to provide a sponsorship letter. A sponsorship letter, also called an invitation letter, is a required document otherwise issued by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the sponsoring organization in Saudi Arabia that can take up to 14 days to receive from the date of request. Having the authority to issue the sponsorship letter to our members is a significant benefit that saves members valuable time and money. We also provide five-year multiple entry visas for all U.S. members. For non U.S.-citizens, we provide up to two-year multiple entry visas.

As a membership-based organization, one thing that has remained constant since its incorporation across all our programs and services, including our visa facilitation services program, is our commitment to putting our members first.
*Please note some mitigating circumstances such as inclement weather or government closure can affect turnaround time.

Sahar Naqvi

Manager, Visa Services
Phone: 703-962-9322
Email: snaqvi@indiasaudi.org

Member Testimonials


President, Salehiya Establishment

“The U.S.-Saudi Business Council (USSBC) has been playing an important role in developing and expanding business cooperation between American and Saudi Arabian companies since its inception in 1993. The Council has arranged many successful business development missions to the Kingdom. Such missions are important since they encourage direct interaction between the companies to have a first hand feel of our country and the market. The Council has also facilitated one-on-one contact with the visiting companies whenever we have so requested. I wish the Council all the success for their future plans and look forward to the next business development mission to the Kingdom soon.”


President, Security Strategies Today

“The Mission was well arranged and scheduled, and we got to meet with several impactful business contacts through the introductions by USSABC.”

Markos Apostolides

Business Development Director

The Airport Management, Construction and Modernization Mission to Saudi Arabia was well organized, with attendance from influential executives and many leads.

Anna Klapper

Director Marketing Communications at Securiport

Securiport highly recommends the Council’s mission. Their expertise and contacts in the market are invaluable. What would have taken us months to plan and organize was made possible in less than a week.