Business Advisory Services

Customized quality business advice and support to India and Saudi companies. Our scope of services includes in-depth analysis of economic and regulatory issues, partner identification, negotiation, among others.
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Visa Services

The Council facilitates various categories of visa applications with unparalleled track record of customer service, responsiveness, and professionalism. All of this is done in a turnaround time of two business days.
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Client Testimonials

Rafeeq Mushtaq Iqbal

Managing Director, Al Jafiliya Contractors

“The India-Saudi Business Council (ISABC) has been playing an important role in developing and expanding business cooperation between Indian and Saudi Arabian companies since its inception. The Council has arranged many successful business development missions to the Kingdom. Such missions are important since they encourage direct interaction between the companies to have a first hand feel of our country and the market. The Council has also facilitated one-on-one contact with the visiting companies whenever we have so requested. I wish the Council all the success for their future plans and look forward to the next business development mission to the Kingdom soon.”

Abdulla Saleh

Head of Business Development, Nikon KSA

“The event was well arranged and scheduled, and we got to meet with several impactful business contacts through introductions.”

Irfan Waleed

Sales Director

The Airport Management, Construction and Modernization Mission to Saudi Arabia was well organized, with attendance from influential executives and many leads.

Anna Klapper

Director Marketing Communications at Securiport

Securiport highly recommends the Council’s mission. Their expertise and contacts in the market are invaluable. What would have taken us months to plan and organize was made possible in less than a week.